Our store and stock area are fully equipped to ensure the ideal stocking conditions.

Founded in 1998, Drugstore 3U supplies a wide variety of high quality pharmaceutical products from reputable pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to Lebanese hospitals and pharmacies. For our customers’ convenience, we provide personalized services before and after sale, as well as a rapid distribution network on all the Lebanese territories.

Being aware that such products need special attention in handling and stocking, we refurbished our premises to meet these special requirements.In 2011, it was Drugstore 3U’s decision to acquire new oncology medications due to their critical importance. Therefore, we sought manufacturers with the utmost care for quality and highest production standards.These medications are now registered by our company in the Ministry of Health.


Drugstore 3U provides extensive healthcare products and services to act as the center of excellence promoting quality care to each of our clients throughout Lebanon.


Engulf the market with exclusive high-end Drugstore 3U products and play on a larger scale regarding international markets.

Drugstore 3U’s Core Values:

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to customers
  • Authenticity
  • Innovation

Our dedicated and highly trained team strives to provide customers best services and after sales assistance.




Medical and Sales

Leading Lebanese company. High quality products and Excellent customer support!

Our Team
Cesar Harfouche
Jamy Harfouche
Stefanie Hrafouche
Research Pharmacist
Malak Yehya
Country Manager
Sleiman Abou Chaaya
Dr. Amal Haidar
Chief Pharmacist
Cindrella Eid
Assistant Chief Pharmacist
Fabienne Hachach
Executive Coordinator